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iTunes iTunes

You can listen to Explorers Podcast by subscribing to it on iTunes. All of the podcast episodes are free. The easiest way to find Explorers Podcast in iTunes is to click
HERE and then click "View In iTunes." If you clicked to that link from an Apple iOS device (e.g., iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), then there will be no need to click “View In iTunes.”

In iTunes, you can subscribe to Explorers Podcast so that future episodes are automatically downloaded as they become available.

If the above link doesn't work, you can find Explorers Podcast in iTunes using the iTunes search bar. In iTunes, enter “Explorers” in the search bar, and it should come up under the podcast section. You may have to click "See All." If you search for "Explorers Podcast," the podcast may not appear, so you might have to enter only the word "Explorers."

The version of Explorers Podcast on iTunes is enhanced, and you will be able to see images pertaining to the podcast during the episode on some listening devices (e.g., the iPod Touch, iPod Classic, and all iPhone models).

Please note that the early podcast episodes on Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen, and Sheck Exley do not have graphics (i.e., they are not enhanced). I was still learning how to make enhanced podcasts then, so these episodes didn't get any graphics.


Another way of downloading the enhanced podcast episodes is by doing so from the RSS feed, though this is not a very user-friendly way of doing so. If you're unfamiliar with RSS feed links, this may seem a bit confusing. You can learn more about RSS feeds by clicking
HERE or by searching for similar discussions on the internet.

From the Explorers Podcast RSS feed, you can watch an enhanced episode as it is streamed to your computer, or you can download episodes to your computer. The RSS page also provides ways to subscribe to the podcast (e.g., via iTunes). Depending on the type of computer you have and its settings, when you click on the RSS feed link, you may get a prompt about whether to have it added to your Microsoft Outlook feed list. Just click "Ok"; you can always delete the RSS feed in Outlook if you decide not to keep it. Please note that to view the enhanced episodes, you need to have
Apple Quicktime installed on your computer. To access the RSS feed, click HERE.

Desktop Listening On-Line

If you are unable to download the enhanced podcast episodes via iTunes or the RSS feed, you can listen to the podcast at this web site. Just click
HERE, and you will see all of the episodes. Please note that these episodes are not enhanced with images, so you will only receive the audio portion.

If you do not have a media player (e.g., Apple Quicktime or Windows Media Player) installed on your computer, you can download Quicktime from Apple by clicking
HERE. Please note that if you are using a non-Apple computer, it may take a few moments for the podcast to begin playing when listening on-line.

ipad Watching Enhanced Podcast Episodes on the iPad (with “Music” App)

This section pertains to podcast listening via the “Music” app, not Apple’s new “Podcasts” app. If you are now using Apple’s “Podcasts” app, skip to the section below covering that app.

To see the enhanced graphics on your iPad, tap on the tiny box in the upper part of your screen that shows the podcast graphic. For example, for the Charlie Houston podcast, note the box circled in red:


Here's a close-up:


If you tap on this tiny graphic with your finger, you should see the "slide show."

iphone Watching Enhanced Podcast Episodes on the iPhone (with “Music” App)

If you can't see the enhanced graphics on your iPhone (i.e., you see a list of chapters), tap on the tiny graphic box in the upper right corner of your iPhone.

If you are having difficulty accessing Explorers Podcast, or if you are having trouble seeing the enhanced graphics on your listening device, please send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to help out! To send me an e-mail, click

podcastsapp Watching Enhanced Podcast Episodes with Apple's New "Podcasts" App

Apple recently released an app called "Podcasts", and the current version of “Podcasts” allows you to watch the enhanced episode on your iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

If you have any problems watching and listening to enhanced episodes of Explorers Podcast, please do not hesitate to e-mail me by clicking
HERE. I’m very happy to help out!