Exploration Maps
Endurance Map Complete

Endurance/Aurora Voyage

Location of S Georgia Island - Elephant

Location Map - Elephant Island & South Georgia Island

Endurance & Caird Voyages_web

Route of Endurance & James Caird

Shackleton's S Georgia Trek_web

Shackleton, Worsley, & Crean's Trek Over South Georgia Island


Mawson's Journey

Commonwealth Bay - Lg_rev

Mawson's Commonwealth Bay

Commonwealth Bay - sm

Mawson's Commonwealth Bay

Amundsen Routes

Roald Amundsen's Journeys

Amundsen & Scott Routes

Amundsen and Scott South Pole Routes

Belgica Voyage_web

Voyage of the Belgica

NW Passage_web

Northwest Passage

1765 I'Isle Globe Showing NW Pass

1765 I'Isle Globe Showing Fictional Northwest Passage

Mt Everest Ascent

Mt. Everest Ascent

Tanzania Map

Location of Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania


Georg Steller's Russia

North Pacific Ocean_web1

North Pacific Ocean



Southern Kamchatka_web

Southern Kamchatka

Kayak Island_web

Steller's Alaska

Bering Island

Bering Island

Kira Salak's New Guinea Route

Kira Salak's Papua New Guinea Route

PNG 6_web

Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea

Barents Sea_web

Barents Sea (w/Spitsbergen)

Franklin Canada Map

Canada & Arctic Ocean

Northern Canada

Northern Canada

Samuel Hearne 1771_web

Samuel Hearne's Arctic Land Expedition (1770-1772)

Franklin Land Expedition 1&2_web

Franklin's 1st & 2nd Arctic Land Expeditions

Franklin's First Expedition_web

Franklin's 1st Arctic Land Expedition (1819-1822)

Great Slave Lake

Great Slave Lake, Canada

Franklin's Second Expedition_web

Franklin's 2nd Arctic Land Expedition (1825-1827)


Tasmania (Van Dieman's Land)

Franklin 1845 Arctic Map_PofWalesStrait

Franklin 1845 Expedition Map

Franklin Routes Lost Expedition

Route of Franklin's Lost Expedition (1845-1846)

Detail Franklin Lost Expedition_web

Detailed Map - Franklin's Lost Expedition

Location of King William Island

Location of King William Island

Collinson & McClure Routes_web

Franklin Searches by Collinson & McClure (1850-1855)

King William Island

King William Island (Site of Franklin's Lost Expedition Relics)

Peru map simple

Location of Machu Picchu

Peru physical map_web

Southern Peru Physical Map

Machu Picchu Regional Map_web

Machu Picchu Regional Map

Inca Empire_web

Inca Empire

Machu Picchu Area Map

Machu Picchu Area Map

Panorama of Machu Picchu_web_labeled

Panorama of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Panorama 2_web

Panorama of Machu Picchu

Panorama Residential Area_web

Panorama of Machu Picchu Residential Area

Machu Picchu Map Labeled_web

Photo Map of Machu Picchu

Map of Machu Picchu 3

Map of Machu Picchu

Machu Pichu Map

Map of Machu Picchu

French Sheldon 1891 Expedition

May French Sheldon's 1891 Expedition Map



Tanzania Relief Map_web

Tanzania Relief Map

Lake Chala Location Map_web

Lake Chala Area Map

Mt. Kilimanjaro Map_web

Mt. Kilimanjaro Map

Major 14 Century Towns_web

Major Towns During Ibn Battuta's Journey

Ibn Battuta Routes

Ibn Battuta's Journeys

Battuta Itinerary In Egypt Syria and Arabia 1325-26_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in Egypt, Syria, and Arabia (1325-26)

Saudi Arabia_web

Mecca & Medina, Saudi Arabia


Ibn Battuta's Stops in Iraq & Persia

Battuta Itinerary In Persia and Iraq 1326-27_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in Iraq & Persia (1326-27)



Iraq and West Persia

Iraq, Western Persia, Syria, and Turkey

Battuta Itinerary In Arabia and East Africa_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in Arabia & East Africa (1328-30)

Battuta East Africa_web

Ibn Battuta's Stops in East Africa

Battuta Itinerary In Anatolia and Black Sea_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in Anatolia (Turkey) and Black Sea Area (1330-32)

Ibn Battuta Anatolia_web1

Ibn Battuta's Stops in Anatolia

Battuta Itinerary In Central Asia & Afghanistan_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in Central Asia & Afghanistan (1332-33)

Battuta Itinerary In India_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in India, Ceylon, and the Maldive Islands (1333-1345)

Battuta Itinerary In China_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in Southeast Asia & China (1345-46)

Battuta Itinerary Return Home_web

Ibn Battuta's Return Itinerary From China to North Africa (1346-49)

Battuta Itinerary North Africa Spain_web

Ibn Battuta's Itinerary in N Africa, Spain, and W Africa (1349-54)



Combined NPs_web

Mireya Mayor's Research Areas in Northern Madagascar

North Madagascar

Northern Madagascar National Parks

FINAL Orellana's 1542 Amazon Route1_web

Francisco de Orellana's 1542 Route Down Amazon River

Labrador General Map

Labrador, Canada

Labrador Map_web

Mina Hubbard Expedition Map

Naskaupi River

Leonidas Hubbard's Expedition Region

Mina Route 1_web1

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #1

Mina Route 2_web1

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #2

Mina Route 3_webfinal

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #3

Mina Route 4_web1

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #4

Mina Route 5_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #5

Mina Route 6_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #6

Mina Route 7_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #7

Mina Route 8_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #8

Mina Route 9_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #9

Mina Route 10_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #10

Mina Route 11_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #11

Mina Route 12_web

Mina Hubbard's Route Map #12

China topo_web

Mildred Cable and Eva & Francesca French Map of China


Gobi Desert Topo Map

Gansu Province Map

Gansu Province, China

Gansu Province_web1

Gansu Province Detail Map

Urumqi Aerial_web

Urumqi Region, China

Powell's Childhood

John Wesley Powell's Illinois

Flaming Gorge Camps_web

John Wesley Powell's Camp Sites at Flaming Gorge (1869)

Green River Map

Green River Map

Colorado River_web1

Colorado River Map

North Platte River_web

North Platte River

Syrian Desert_web

Freya Stark's Syria


Freya Stark's Persia

Assassins Map

Map of "Assassins" Territory

Yemen Stark Part 2

Freya Stark's Yemen

Circumnavigation Map_hres_web

Helen Thayer's 1988 Circumnavigation of Magnetic North Pole

Magellan's Circumnavigation

Magellan's Circumnavigation of the Globe

Marco Polo Journeys

Travels of Marco Polo