Charles Houston
American Explorer of K2

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K2 from Space (circled in red)


K2 (left) and Broad Peak (right)

The Summit of K2, Taken by the Duke of the Abruzzi in 1909

Broad Peak (left) and K2 (center) from Gasherbrum I

K2 Location Map

Close-Up Map of K2

The Abruzzi Ridge

Key Parts of K2's Abruzzi Ridge

The Route Up the Abruzzi Ridge. While this is Technically the Route of the 1954 French Expedition, with the Exception of the Camp Locations, it is the Same Route as that Taken by Charlie Houston's 1938 and 1954 Expeditions. The Locations of Houston's Camps Differ Somewhat From those Shown in this Figure.

The Black Pyramid

Lieutenant T. G. Montgomerie of Britain's Great Trigonometric Survey was the First European to Note K2. This is His Notation in His Log Book of His Sighting. It's Difficult to Read, But You Can Make Out K2 on the Left and K1 (i.e., Masherbrum) on the Right. Montgomerie Drew K2 Smaller Because It was Farther Away from His Vantage Point.

Modern Climber (bottom center) Beginning the Ascent of the Abruzzi Ridge from the Godwin Austen Glacier

Modern-Day Climbers Ascending House's Chimney on K2 (photo taken by Gregorio Ariz Martinez); On Charlie Houston's Expeditions, They Had No Ladder

Photo of House's Chimney on K2 (photo taken by Willi Bauer)

Modern-Day Climber Ascending the North-East Ridge of K2

Modern-Day Climber Ascending the "Black Pyramid"

Modern-Day Climber Ascending the "Bottleneck"

Location of the Bottleneck Sérac

Modern-Day Climber (lower left) Just Below the Bottleneck Sérac

Modern-Day Climber Along the Traverse of K2 (Just Above the Bottleneck)

Later Climber, Rick Ridgeway, Approaching the Summit of K2

Reinhold Messner Reaching the Summit of K2

Reinhold Messner on the Summit of K2