Charles S. Houston
American Explorer of K2

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Charles S. Houston

Mount Crillon Expedition (1933)

Summit of Mount Crillon, Alaska (photo taken by Bradford Washburn)

Location of Mount Crillon and Mount Foraker in Alaska

1933 Mt. Crillon Team. From Left to Right: Charlie Houston, Bob Bates, Bill Child, Bradford Washburn, Walt Everett, and Ad Carter

Hauling Loads Across the Glacier to the Base of Mount Crillon (1933)

Mt. Crillon Ice Cliff, with Charlie Houston Climbing on Top of Bob Bates, while Ad Carter Waits Below (1933)

Mount Foraker Expedition (1934)

Summit of Mount Foraker in the Central Alaskan Range. Elevation: 5,304 meters (17,400 feet). Charlie Houston, T. Graham Brown, and Chychele Waterston Became the First to Summit this Mountain in August 1934.

Team Photo for Mt. Foraker. Left to Right: Charlie Houston, Chychele Waterston, Charles Story, T. Graham Brown, Oscar Houston (Charlie's Father), and Carl Andersen (1934)

T. Graham Brown and Chychele Waterston on the Summit of Mt. Foraker (1934) (photo taken by Charles Houston)

Nanda Devi Expedition (1936)

Nanda Devi. Elevation: 7,816 meters (25,643 feet)

Location of Nanda Devi in the Himalaya

Nanda Devi Team Photo. Left to Right: Bill Tilman, Farnie Loomis, Graham Brown, Peter Lloyd, Ad Carter, Noel Odell, Art Emmons, and Charlie Houston (1936)

Pasang Kikuli, an Extraordinary Sherpa Climber Who Was on Houston's 1936 Nanda Devi Expedition

After the Trek Out from Nanda Devi. Left to Right: Bill Tilman, Pasang Kikuli, and Charlie Houston (1936)

Early Years

2-Year Old Charlie Houston (1915)

7-Year Old Charlie Houston in a Sailor Suit (1920)

Charlie Houston as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve (1942)

Dorcas Houston (Charlie's Wife)

Charlie and Dorcas Houston on Gulf Beach, Florida (1945)