Alexander von Humboldt
German Explorer of Latin America

Humboldt 1843 Joseph Stieler
Alexander von Humboldt

1799-1804 ExpeditionMap_web2
Alexander von Humboldt’s 1799 - 1804 Expedition Route through Latin America

The First Stop on Humboldt’s Journey was Mount Teide, a Volcano on the Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands

While Exploring the Guácharo Cave in Venezuela, Humboldt Named the Unique Bird Species
Steatornis caripensis (Common Name: Oilbird)

To Get from Caracas to the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers, Humboldt and Bonpland had to Cross the Vast Savannah in Venezuela Known as Los Llanos

During His Trek Across the Llanos, Humboldt Performed the First Scientific Experiments on the Electric Eel

The Location of the Casiquiare River

Humboldt 1815 self portrait age 45_web
Self-Portait of 45-Year Old Alexander von Humboldt (1814)

Humboldt by Julius Schrader
Alexander von Humboldt in Later Years

Humboldt Later Years_web
Alexander Humboldt in Later Years