Hubert Wilkins
Australian Navigator and Polar Explorer

Wilkins the Cinematographer (ca. 1911)

Wilkins Just After His Coverage of the Balkan Wars (1912)

Wilkins During Stefansson’s Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-17

Photo Taken By Wilkins of Stefansson During Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-17

Wilkins Showing Movies to Indigenous People in the Arctic in December 1913

Second-Lieutenant Hubert Wilkins (right) Photographing Fighting on the Western Front During World War I (October 1918)

Photo Taken of the Battlefield By Wilkins On the Western Front During World War I

A Blackburn “Kangaroo” Long-Range Bomber. Wilkins Served as Navigator Aboard a Kangaroo in the “Great Race” Between England and Australia in 1919

Wilkins’ “Kangaroo” Plane Crash at Mental Institution on the Greek Island of Crete During the “Great Race” of 1919

Hubert Wilkins Aboard the
Quest in 1920

Photo Taken By Wilkins of the Crew of the
Quest Next to the Cairn They Built Commemorating their Leader, Sir Ernest Shackleton at the Whaling Station at Grytviken, South Georgia (April 1922)

Wilkins in Northern Australia On Expedition for the British Museum (ca 1924)

Carl Ben Eielson, Wilkins’ Flying Buddy

Carl Ben Eielson

The Wreckage of the Fokker
Detroiter in Alaska in 1926

The Single-Engine Fokker
Alaskan at Barrow in 1926

The Wreckage of the
Alaskan, which Crashed the Day After the Detroiter Crashed in 1926

A Stinson Detroiter SB-1 Biplane - Similar to One Flown By Wilkins & Eielson During their Historic 1927 Flights From Barrow, Alaska, Over the Arctic Ocean

The Lockheed Vega that Wilkins and Eielson Flew On their Historic First Trans-Arctic Flight From North Alaska to Spitsbergen in 1928

In Wilkins’ and Eielson’s Trans-Arctic Flight of 1928, they Became the First to Fly Across the Arctic, from Barrow, Alaska, to Spitsbergen

Wilkins and Eielson Return From Their Historic Trans-Arctic Flight of 1928

Wilkins and Eielson Before Departure on Deception Island on Their First Antarctic Flight (1928)

Hubert Wilkins in 1928. Hubert Sent This Photo to Suzanne Shortly After They First Met; it Reads, “I have my eyes on you”

Graf Zeppelin

Wilkins (Behind Wine Bottle) Aboard the
Graf Zeppelin on Its Historic Round-the-World Flight in 1929

Ticker-Tape Parade in New York City After
Graf Zeppelin Trip

In 1928, Wilkins and Eielson Flew Round-Trip From Deception Island to the Ross Ice Shelf

Map of Deception Island

In 1936, Wilkins Traveled Aboard the
Hindenburg On Its Maiden Voyage From Germany to the United States

Wilkins In His Cramped Quarters Aboard the
Nautilus Submarine

The Crippled
Nautilus Without Its Rudders

Wilkins Aboard the Crippled

Wilkins Refueling His Soviet-Built Catalina During His Search For Missing Russian Flyers In the Arctic Ocean in 1937

Hubert Wilkins in His Sixties

Wilkins Visiting Commander James Calvert Aboard the Nuclear-Powered USS
Skate Shortly Before Hubert’s Death in 1959

Skate Surfacing at the North Pole on March 17. 1959. Hubert Wilkins’ Ashes Were Aboard the USS Skate and, per Hubert’s Wishes, Scattered At the North Pole.

Suzanne Wilkins, Hubert’s Wife

Hubert and Suzanne in the early 1930s

Hubert’s Parents, Harry Wilkins and Louisa Smith