Freya Stark
British Explorer of the Middle East

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Freya Stark_web
Freya Stark in 1928, After Her First Trip the the Middle East

Freya Stark

Remains of the Taq-i Kisra in Ctesiphon, Iraq. In 1929, Freya Climbed to the Top of the Arch (right), Which was Much Yalked About Afterwards Because of its Difficulty

Alamut Castle_web
Remains of the Alamut Castle in Iran. In 1930, Freya Stark Trekked Here and Mapped the Region.

Alamut Castle1
Alamut Castle

View from Rock of Alamut
View From the Rock of Alamut

Freya Used the Pen-Name “Thuraya” in Her Writings of French-Controlled Syria. Thuraya is the Arab Term for the Pleiades Star Cluster. Thuraya is Arabic for “She Who Illuminates the World”

Lamasar Castle
Lamasar Castle in Iran. Freya Stark was the First European Known to Have Visited This Castle in 1931.

The Ruins of Shabwa in central Yemen

Tarim, Yemen

The Hadhramaut Region of Yemen

Luristan Bronzes_web
Bronzes From the Luristan Region of Western Persia (Iran)

Freya’s Home Bases in Early Life

Stewart Perowne - Freya Married Perowne in 1947

Freya Marriage_web
Wedding Photo of Freya and Stewart, October 7, 1947

Freya 86_web
Freya Stark at 86 Years Old