Mildred Cable and
Eva & Francesca French

English Explorers of the Gobi Desert

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Eva French, Francesca French, and Mildred Cable

The Trio & Topsy

The Trio Returning to China in 1935

The Trio Set Up Their Mission in Suzhou in the Gansu Province

The Nestorian Stele (831 AD) In Xi’an’s Beilin Museum. The Trio Saw This Monument as They Along Their Way to the Gobi in 1923.

The Mogao Caves Near Dunhuang. These Caves are also Known as the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas.

The Yumen Pass (Jade Gate Pass)

Near Dunhuang, China

The Colorful Mountains Between Hami and Turpan

The Flaming Mountains Near Turpan

The Emin Minaret in Turpan

Lake of the Crescent Moon in the Gobi Desert (Today)

The Following Photos Were All Taken By Eva, Mildred, and Francesca During Their Journey Through the Gobi

“Two Men From the South Mountains”

“A Desert Landmark”

“The Great Facade was Pierced with Innumerable Openings”

“A Decorated Cave”

“The Walls Were Frescoed in Rich and Harmonious Colours”

“One of the Decorated Ceilings”

“We Reached the Three Stupas”

“A Grand Field for Picking Up Odds and Ends”

“Singing Sands”

“The Guardian Priest at the Lake of the Crescent Moon”

“The Inn Courtyard”

“Carters -- “There’s Ne’er a Good One”

“The Horns of an Ovis Poli”

“A Barren Gobi Range”

“The Sturdy Desert Grass”

“The Worst of the Desert Stages Was Over”

“An Old Woman of the Oases”

“A Child of the Oases”

“Our Caravan Near Starry Gorge”

“One of the Khan’s Men”

“A Turki Girl”

“The Empty Throne of Maksud Shah”

“A Family of Qazaqs”

“The Road Between the Ears of the Gobi”

“The Walls of Dakianus”

“Tombs Built in Persian Style Outside Dakianus”

“A Brick from Dakianus”

“A Lonely Desert Grave”

“Ma Chung-Ying, Aged 23” (i.e., “General Thunderbolt”)

“The City Gate at Tunhwang”

“Yolbas the Tiger Prince”

“Objects Picked Up at Dakianus and So-Yang”

“The Tower of Sirkiip”

“A Mongol Woman at Her Tent Door”

“An Old Tibetan Woman”

“A Red-Robed Lama”

“The Acolyte at the Temple”