Carl Sagan
American Explorer of the Cosmos

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan (1980)

Carl at Age Four

High School Yearbook_web
From Carl Sagan’s High School Yearbook

Carl Sagan’s 1951 High School Graduation Photo from Rahway High School, where he was named the Male Class Brain and the Male Most Likely to Succeed

Yerkes Observatory (University of Chicago), Williams Bay, Wisconsin; Sagan Did His Ph.D. Research Here.

Carl and Wife Lynn Alexander (later Lynn Margulis) on Their Wedding Day (June 16th, 1957)

Leone Alexander, Carl, and Lynn Alexander

Carl and Son, Dorion

Hermann Joseph Muller, a Biology Professor Who was One of Sagan’s First Mentors

Diagram of the Miller-Urey Experiment, in which Water, Ammonia, and Methane Create Amino Acids in the Presence of an Electrical Discharge

Gerard Kuiper, Carl’s Ph.D. Dissertation Advisor at Yerkes Observatory

Joshua Lederberg, Who Coined the Term “Exobiology” (the Science of Extraterrestrial Life)

The Mariner 2 Space Probe that Flew By Venus in 1962; Carl Sagan Designed Instruments for this Probe

The Drake Equation, Formulated by Frank Drake; Drake’s Equation was Developed to Estimate the Number of Detectable Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations in Our Galaxy. Frank Drake Proposed His Equation at a Meeting in Green Bank, West Virginia, in November 1961

Frank Drake

Carl Sagan in a 1966 Interview on UFOs

Carl and Linda Salzman at Their Wedding (April 6, 1968)

The Pioneer 10 Plaque that Carl Sagan Designed with Wife Linda Salzman and Astronomer Frank Drake

Description of the Pioneer 10 Plaque that Carl Sagan Helped Design

Carl Sagan in Promotional Photo for the Cosmos Television Series

Sagan Next to a Model of the Viking Lander Probes which would Land on Mars Sagan Played a Major Role in the Design of the Viking 1 and 2 Landers.

The Viking Lander

Photograph of the Surface of Mars Taken by the Viking Lander

Sagan with Mars in the 1970s

Carl Sagan in 1978

Carl and Johnny
Carl Sagan and Johnny Carson

Arecibo Radio Observatory, Puerto Rico

The Message that Frank Drake Beamed Towards the Hercules Star Cluster from the Arecibo Radio Observatory on November 16, 1974 (color added to illustrate components of message)

Frank Drake’s Message in Actual Binary Format (color added to illustrate components of message)

The Hercules Star Cluster (Messier Object #13)

Carl Sagan and Other Founders of the Planetary Society

Ann Druyan in the Mid-1970s

Carl Sagan and His (Third) Wife, Ann Druyan; Carl and Ann Married on June 1, 1981.

The “Golden Record” that Carl Sagan Helped Design for NASA’s Voyager 1 Spacecraft; Learn More by Clicking HERE!

The “Sounds of the Earth”

Diagram of the Voyager Space Crafts

Diagram of Voyager 2 Space Craft

Trajectories of the Voyager 1 and 2 Space Crafts

The Locations of the Voyager 1 and 2 Probes and Pioneer 10 and 11 Probes Today

Blast Off of Voyager 1

“Pale Blue Dot” - A Photograph Taken at the Request of Carl Sagan of Earth (shown here inside a blue circle) Taken in 1990 By Voyager 1 from a Distance of About 6 Billion Kilometers (3.7 Billion Miles) from Earth; In an October 13, 1994 Speech, Sagan Pointed Out that “All of Human History has Happened on that Tiny Pixel, which is Our Only Home”

The Approximate Location (Shown in Green) of Voyager 1 when it Took the “Pale Blue Dot” Photograph

Carl Sagan Promotional Photo for His Cosmos Television Series

Carl Sagan on the Cover of Time Magazine in 1980

Carl Sagan Speaking at NASA Event in 1980s

Sagan Speaks with Employees from the Centers for Disease Control in 1988

Carl Sagan During an interview in 1991

Carl Sagan’s Last Interview on the Charlie Rose Show

Carl Sagan’s Grave

Contact Movie Poster

Carl’s Widow, Ann Druyan, in 2008

Carl’s Mother Rachel