Mireya Mayor
American Anthropologist and Explorer of the Wild

Mireya Mayor

Mireya Mayor

The Mouse Lemur - Discovered by Mireya Mayor and Edward Louis

Madagascar National Parks & Special Reserves Mentioned in Podcast #21. The Mouse Lemur is Found in the Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve; the Silky Sifaka is Found in Marojejy National Park

The Silky Sifaka in Marojejy National Park, Madagascar

BBC Video on the Silky Sifaka

Western Lowland Gorilla in Central Republic of Africa

The White-faced Saki - Mireya Major Studied this Species in the Jungles of Guyana in Undergraduate School

Perrier’s Sifaka - Mireya Mayor Studied this Lemur in the Analamerana Reserve in Madagascar as an Undergraduate Student

Mireya Mayor Retracing the Footsteps of Henry Morton Stanley in Tanzania (2009)

Mireya Mayor

Mireya Mayor in the Congo with Western Lowland Gorilla

Mireya Mayor

Mireya Mayor and Mouse Lemur

Mireya Mayor in Africa

Mireya Mayor and Alligator

Mireya Mayor in New Orleans

Mireya Mayor as Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Mireya Mayor