Katherine Routledge
English Explorer of Easter Island

Routledge 1910_web
Katherine Routledge, Just Before Her Easter Island Expedition (c. 1910)

Routledge 1919_web
Katherine Routledge (ca. 1919)

William_web and podcast
William Scoresby Routledge (ca. 1910)

Easter Island Location Map_web
Location of Easter Island (aka Rapa Nui)

Mana at Easter Island 1914
Mana at Easter Island; this is the Schooner that Katherine and Scoresby Used to Make Their Round-trip Voyage from England to Easter Island

Voyage Map_web
Katherine and Scoresby's Voyage Route to and from Easter Island

Easter Island NASA
Easter Island from Space (NASA)

Easter Island From Air_web
Easter Island

Moai Along the Coastline of Easter Island

Moai at Easter Island

Possible Home Link 4
Moai at Easter Island

The Moai Here are Sitting on an Ahu (altar)

Rano Raraku Quarry_web
Unfinished Moai (lying on its back) at Rano Raraku Quarry at Easter Island (note that it hasn't even been removed from the quarry rock)

Rongorongo tablet_web
Rongorongo Writing on Tablet from Easter Island

Rongorongo Tablet closeup
Close-up of Rongorongo Tablet Shown Above

Petroglyphs Along Cliff at Orongo, Easter Island; the Island Motu Nui in the Upper Center; Motu Nui is the Island that the Clan Representatives had to Swim to During the Birdman Ceremony

Frigate Bird_web
Sketch of Birdman in Stone at Orongo (note the human hands and human feet)

First Known Painting of Easter Island (by William Hodges, 1775)

Juan Tepano of the Tupahotu. Photo Taken by Katherine Routledge, July 23, 1915

Angata, Leader of the "Native Rising," with Her Staff and Rosary (August 1914)

Katherine Pease (ca. 1874)

18-Year Old Katherine Pease (1884)

Jacob Roggeveen, the Dutch Explorer who "Discovered" Easter Island on Easter Sunday, 1722