Alexandra David-Néel
French Explorer of Tibet

Alexandra David-Néel

Alexandra David at Age 3

"Precocious" Alexandra as Child

Alexandra David at Age 18

Alexandra David at Age 20

Promotional Poster of Alexandra in Her Mid-20's During Her Career as an Operatic Soprano

Alexandra David-Néel in 1910, the Year She Began Her 14-Year Journey Through Tibet and Beyond

Philippe Néel, Alexandra's Husband, in 1910

The "Bo Tree" (aka, "Sacred Fig" and "Bodhi Tree") in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Alexandra Visited the Bo Tree in the Fall of 1911. This Tree is Believed to Have Been Grown from a Cutting of the Original Fig Tree Under Which Siddhartha Gautama Buddha (the Founder of Buddhism) Received His Enlightenment in the 5th Century, BC. The Original Bo Tree is In Northern India.

Major Stops in the First Year of Alexandra's 14-Year Journey (1911) were Ceylon (modern-day Sri Lanka), Madurai, Madras, and Pondicherry.

The Menakshi Temple in Madurai, India. In 1911, Alexandra Visited the Menakshi Temple and Secretly Watched Highly Erotic Tantric Rites.

Location of Prince Sidkeong's Palace in Gangtok, India

Prince Sidkeong, a Member of the Sikkimese Royalty. Alexandra Met 33-Year Old Sidkeong in Early 1912, just Before Visiting with the 13th Dalai Lama.

Another Photograph of Sidkeong

Thubten Gyatso, the 13th Dalai Lama. Alexandra Met the 13th Dalai Lama on April 15th, 1912, Becoming the First Woman Ever to Have an Audience with Him.

Tibetan Nuns at a Tiny Tibetan Monastery called Chorten Nyima. Alexandra Spent the Winter of 1913-14 at Chorten Nyima. This was Alexandra's First Trip into Tibet.

Alexandra in Lama's Robes (1913)

Alexandra and Nuns of the "Red Hat" Sect

Aphur Yongden. Alexandra Met Yongden in Late 1914 when He was 15-Years Old.

Aphur Yongden When He was 34-Years Old

The Abbot ("Gomchen") of the Monastery in Lachen, India. Alexandra and Yongden Spent Two Years (1915-1916) at the Lachen Monastery. Alexandra Learned Much About Tantric Buddhism from the Abbot.

Alexandra Sitting Outside of Her Cave Dwelling at the Monastery in Lachen

"Camp Kanchenjunga", One of Alexandra's Camps on the Tibetan Plateau

Alexandra and Yongden Spent Over Two Years at the Kum Bum Monastery Near Koko Nor (Quinghai Lake) Before Eventually Reaching Lhasa

Alexandra and Yongden Made it All the Way to the Yunnan Province in 1923 Before Finally Heading To Lhasa

Alexandra David-Néel, Aphur Yongden, and Unknown Person at the Potala Palace, Lhasa (Early 1924)

Alexandra David-Néel in India (1924), After Her Trip to Lhasa

Alexandra David-Néel in Bombay, India (1924)

Alexandra David-Néel in 1933

Alexandra David-Néel in 1938

Alexandra David-Néel at Age 87

95-Year Old Alexandra David-Néel in 1964

Louis David, Alexandra's Father

Alexandrine Borghmans, Alexandra's Mother