Fan Jinshi
Chinese Explorer of the Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Fan Jinshi

China Map_web
Location of Dunhuang, China

SIlk Road_labeled_web
Dunhuang and the Silk Road (in blue); the Great Wall of China is Shown in Red

Taklamakan Desert_web
The Taklamakan Desert from Space

Taklamakan Sand Dunes_web
The Taklamakan Desert

Dunhuang Grottoes
Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Dunhang Caves1_web
Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Residential Meditation Caves_web
Former Residential/Meditation Caves

Cave328 Sculpture_web
Sculptures from Mogao Cave 328 (ca. 700 AD)

Interior of Cave 428 (ca. 570 AD)

Ceiling of Cave 428 (ca. 570 AD)

A "Guarding Warrior" Sculpture in Cave 55 (ca. 970 AD)

Sculpture of the Buddha in Cave 259 (5th Century AD)

11th Century Embroidery_web
Silk Embroidery in Library Cave (11th Century AD)

Interior of Cave 55 (ca. 1000 AD)

Diamond Sutra_web
Pages from the 9th Century Diamond Sutra, the Oldest Known Dated Printed Book in the World; the Left Sheet is the Frontispiece; the Right (larger) Sheet is the First Section of the Book

Library Cave Scrolls_web
Pile of Ancient Scrolls Found in Library Cave by Aurel Stein (1907)

Pelliot Library Cave
Archaeologist Paul Pelliot Examining Manuscripts in Library Cave

Lotus Sutra_web
Fragment from a Manuscript Copy of the Lotus Sutra, a Central Text of Mahayana Buddhism (Gold Lettering on Deep Blue Paper)

The Complete Dunhuang Star Atlas

Dunhuang Star Map_web
Close-Up of North Circumpolar Region Map from the Dunhuang Star Map Atlas (ca. 700 AD). The Dunhuang Star Map Atlas is the World's Oldest Complete Preserved Star Atlas

Star Map1_web
The Bowman and North Circumpolar Region Maps from the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Star Map 5_web
Maps 1 - 3 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Star Map 4
Maps 4 - 6 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Star Map 3_web
Maps 7 - 9 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Star Map 2_web
Maps 10 - 12 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Almanac Dated 877 Showing the Animals of the Chinese "Zodiac"; a Feng Shui, or Geomantic Diagram; and a Lucky Charm

Buddhist sutra_web
Buddhist Sutra in Chinese with Commentary in Red in Tibetan (from Cave 17)

A 15-Meter-Long Sleeping Buddha in Cave 158 (ca. 800 AD)

Close-Up of Sleeping Buddha in Cave 158

Bilingual Manuscript_web
Bilingual Manuscript with a Buddhist Sutra in Chinese on One Side and a Rare Copy of the Tibetan Annals on the Other

Mural of Bodhisattvas

Cave 156 Mural_web
Section of Mural in Cave 156 Commemorating Victory of Zhang Yichao over the Tibetans

Main Cave_web

Fan Oct 2011
Fan Jinshi in October, 2011

Fan Jinshi