Jacques-Yves Cousteau
French Explorer of the Undersea World

Cousteau 1970s Sea King

Cousteau 1956 Underwater
Cousteau SCUBA diving in 1956

RV Calypso

Artist rendition of classic twin-hose Cousteau-type Aqua-Lung

Diving Saucer Denise
The Diving Saucer SP-350 Denise

Conshelf II
Conshelf II

Cousteau 1976
Cousteau in 1976

Cousteau SCUBA 2_web

Cousteau & Reagan
U.S. President Ronald Reagan giving Cousteau the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1985

Cousteau 1970s SCUBA
Cousteau in SCUBA

Cousteau red hat

Jacques & Francine 1995
Cousteau and wife Francine in 1995

Cousteau Late Life
Cousteau shortly before his death